New colors for our paper lanterns

Each season, we create new colors for our paper lanterns range, to help you bring a little bit of pretty to each of your party, wedding or home decorations. Our colors are exclusive, your decor will be unique.

You can mix and match sizes (accordion lanterns in 20cm and 30cm) and colors, pastel, bright or neutral, to easily decorate your wedding venue, birthday bash, kids playroom or baby nursery. Wow effect guaranteed.  

Here are some of the accordion paper lanterns new colors you can find in our store.

lampions accordéons sous le lampionPeach daiquiri Lampion rougeRaspberry jamLampion rond - 30cm - AcaciaNew yellowcomposition de lampionsFrosted lilac

Lampions sous le lampionLavender mistLampions sous le lampionBaby bluelampions accordéons sous le lampionTea roseLampion menthe pour anniversaire ou chambre d'enfantMint bubble

sll-nouveaux-coloris-bleu    sll-nouveaux-coloris-vrac

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Pink White Grey

We never get tired of this color palette !

Simple and joyful, it will be perfect for your wedding, a baby shower or a springy lunch. Even when the sun sets, there’s magic in the air.

We used our colors shell pink and vintage rose for the accordion lanterns, grey little house for the lanterns, and white for the eyelet lanterns.

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17   15   16       21   22   23   24
A frosted birthday party !
(C) Cybèle Desarnauts

Yes, we did fall for the lilac, aqua and silver color scheme (under the “Let it go, let it go” influence we guess !)… and we came up with a nice birthday/ tea party set up ! Tested by little girls who definitely went for it with big “wowwwws” and “prettyyyyy!”.

We had fun with accordion paper lanterns 30cm in white and ice cube colors, a honeycomb ball 35cm in white, and a white pompom. And to give a fun finish to the grouping, we masking-taped one of our tassel garlands under it.
Oh, and writing something on the wall with bright masking tape is always a must !

Have fun !

Products used are available in our store !  
11   10     7    5   4   3   2

Under the sea
Sous Le Lampion

Lantern and Lampion

Today we are all about blue shades and a cute paper lanterns ceiling for a party table, or your wedding venue.
Here’s how you can do the same kind of décor.

The easiest way is to stretch and fix fishing wire or solid twine so that you get a grid pattern on which you can hang the various lanterns and paper balls.
To give you an idea of measurements here, we covered approx. 2 square meters of ceiling.
We love mixing and matching paper lanterns, accordion lanterns and pompoms, but you could also only use one single type of products, and play with different sizes.

And because we are nice, you’ll find here bellow a selection of inspiring pictures for a matching table !

Products used for this décor:

1 paper lantern 50cm white
1 paper lantern 50cm cumulus grey
1 paper lantern 35cm santorini blue
3 paper lanterns 35cm sugar blue
1 paper lantern 35cm bora blue
1 paper lantern 35cm la mer
1 paper lantern 35cm white
1 paper lantern 15cm sugar blue
2 paper lanterns 15cm white
1 paper lantern 20cm white
1 eyelet paper lantern 20cm cumulus grey
1 honeycomb ball 12cm frosted mint
1 honeycomb ball 12cm aqua
1 pompom turquoise sea


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sous-le-lampion-bleu-1 bleu-Sous-le-lampion


Ruth Eileen via Style Me Pretty | Rustic White | I take | KAStylesMasonJars via Etsy | Christina McNeill | Lovely Pics via La Mariée aux Pieds Nus | Sweet Root Village

Hooray for Spring

1   (C) Lantern and Lampion

This year we’re celebrating Spring a bit ahead of time ! Let’s hang some paper lanterns and set a colorful breakfast table for 2 !
To create a similar pastel paper lanterns grouping, we used 4 pieces of fishing line and hung accordion lanterns in sizes 20cm and 30cm, as well as paper lanterns in 35cm and 20cm, some eyelet.
Our tip: to fix fishing line for this ceiling structure use everything you can in the room (ie a hook on your window frame). Or you can also nail little picture hooks at the top of your walls.

You will find all used products in the store NOW  !

10 5   6   7   8   2 3    11
Meet our new mini honeycomb balls !

Our new honeycomb balls in tiny size (12cm) are now available in the store !

They are so cute grouped with other lanterns, and also perfect for all your pop DIY projects…

Go check them out ! 

5   3 4




2015 collection – in the nursery

souslelampion1   (C) Lantern and lampion

Hey everyone ! New shades have just joined our range ! We will give you plenty of décor ideas using our new pretty shades…

And today, let’s start with a cute nursery. We have a soft spot for pattern wallpaper and colorful lanterns !

To create this grouping of lanterns you need:

1 star lantern white
1 accordion lantern 20cm vintage rose
1 accordion lantern 30cm shell pink (new color!)
1 baby lantern 15cm vintage rose
1 baby lantern 15cm coral lipstick

All products are available in the boutique ! Go check them out ! 

souslelampion2 souslelampion3 souslelampion4 souslelampion5