A clear blue sky!
White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue

That’s the kind of decoration which will not give you the blues (joke lol)! Here is one of our favorite color palette for the season, with deep and refined shades of blue.

And because we are nice ;) , here are some quick tips to create this kind of venue decor, for you wedding, a birthday bash or a ocean themed party. 

String Fishing rope or solid twine hung in all directions, as a huge spyderweb on which you will suspend different elements of decoration. and play with the heights. A classic!

According to your whishes you can choose: several different product lines to be mixed, a single product line but several sizes or simply one product ordered in quantities.

Our blue sky is made with the following products:

  • Accordion lanterns -20cm- hug blue
  • Accordion lanterns -30cm – hug blue
  • Accordion lanterns -20cm- white
  • Accordion lanterns -30cm – white
  • Accordion lanterns -20cm- ice cube
  • Accordion lanterns -30cm – ice cube
  • Paper lanterns -20cm – surf blue
  • Paper lanterns -35cm – surf blue
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – white
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – new bora blue
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – surf blue
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – feather blue
  • Paper lanterns -35cm – white
  • Paper lanterns -20cm – white
  • Eyelet paper lanterns -20cm – white
  • Eyelet paper lanterns  -35cm – white
  • pompoms – 25cm – mint bubble
  • pompoms -40cm – mint bubble
  • pompoms -35cm – turquoise sea
  • pompoms -25cm – white
  • pompoms -40cm – white
White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue

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French wedding on the beach (C) Les Productions de la Fabrik


In the heart of the gorgeous French island of Porquerolles, Marie and Severin got married during a beautiful summer day.

In a Celestina Agostino gown and simple updo with just the right amount of jewerly, the bride is just stunning. And so is her husband in a custom made suit from Les Dandys.

We simply adore every single detail of their wedding, natural and earthy tones selected by super creative event planner Majenia, wild flowers and gypsophile everywhere, bright paper lanterns in the olive trees…

Elegant. Magical.

Photographer: Les Productions de la Fabrik
Bride’s dress: Celestina Agostino
Event Planner: Majenia

1-Porquerolles-Fabrik001 2-Porquerolles-Fabrik005 5-Porquerolles-Fabrik025 6-Porquerolles-Fabrik026 7-Porquerolles-Fabrik028 8-Porquerolles-Fabrik034 9-Porquerolles-Fabrik035 10-Porquerolles-Fabrik036 11-Porquerolles-Fabrik040     14-Porquerolles-Fabrik049 16-Porquerolles-Fabrik052 16-Porquerolles-Fabrik064 Gypsophyle wedding decor 18-Porquerolles-Fabrik064c wedding paper lanterns rustic chic wedding decor 22-Porquerolles-Fabrik071 25-Porquerolles-Fabrik089 Celestina Agostino real wedding bride 28-Porquerolles-Fabrik093 French wedding on the beach 36-Porquerolles-Fabrik105 37-Porquerolles-Fabrik106 40-Porquerolles-Fabrik104 35-Porquerolles-Fabrik099f


French wedding bride and groom

© Cybèle Desarnauts

At the beginning of summer, Anne-Charlotte tied the knot with her handsome husband under the sun in the southwest of France. A beautiful day, full of emotional moments perfectly captured by the amazing photographer Cybele Desarnauts. 

Anne-Charlotte is so gorgeous in her Celestina Agostino dress. The designer once again created a glamorous, to die-for all-lace gown, so elegant with its long sleeves, round collar and buttoned back. We adore the tiny waist and voluminous skirt. A romantic up-do perfectly completes the look, as well as a long embroidered veil. The bride is a real modern age princess.

In the typical church of village Guéthary, with gorgeous ocean views, the couple said their “I Dos”. Then the party made their way to the Château du clair de lune in Biarritz, with its pretty French gardens and views of the mountains. An ideal setup for a memorable soirée. The bride wanted lots of flowers for the decoration, wild and colorful ones, contrasting with white linens.

The result is so chic!

Photographer: Cybèle Desarnauts
Bride’s dress: Celestina Agostino
Wedding venue: Château du clair de lune

Celestina Agostino wedding dress 3 2 4 4a 5a Celestina Agostino wedding dress 9a 9 French garden wedding


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Behind the scenes!

View More: (c)julieabreuphotography

Do you know the best place to shop your wedding or party decor ? Our store of course (duh!). We’re not kidding, your will find in our boutique the cutest paper lanterns for your wedding or most elegant paper decorations for your birthday, wether it takes place in a tent, a garden or a castle.


How to hang all these beautiful paper lanterns in your venue ? If you are not familiar with it, you need to get as much details as possible on your venue. Does it have beams, hooks or a structure you can hang your decorations to? Think also of windows that can generally be used to hang lanterns or paper fans.

You will find in this blog many decoration ideas, but feel free to reach out to us if you need consulting, we’ll be happy to help!

sous-le-lampion-prepa6 sous-le-lampion-prepa1 sous-le-lampion-prepa4 sous-le-lampion-prepa5

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Lucia and Pierre got married in a beautiful family house next to the Loire river in France. A rustic wedding with a tent that opened up to wild nature. The wedding décor was designed by the bride and created by the excellent florist at
Madame, artisan fleuriste. Neutral palette, lots of candles. Just what we like.

A good idea to steal from this wedding: a nice neighbor organized donkey rides for the little ones… FUN!

Lucia is gorgeous in her Delphine Manivet gown. “By the look on my husband’s face, I could tell this was right!!” says the bride. For her hair, she naturally went for wild flowers, like a shout out to her Latina roots. Madame, artisan fleuriste created a beautiful hair band with flowers, very Frida Khalo…

And of course, the flower girls and ring bearers are just too cute with their Troizenfants and Les petits inclassables outfits.

One of our favorite weddings ever!

Photographer: Cybèle Desarnauts
Bride’s dress: Delphine Manivet
Florist: Madame, artisan fleuriste

Wedding floral hairband

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In the name of COLORS!

And today, a special treat for all the future brides out there! Anne’s wedding decor was simply stunning… this grouping of lanterns of various shapes ans colors is just gorgeous!

To build this installation, the easiest way is to use fishing line or strong string that you can tie wherever you can, hooks, beams, windows etc. It is solid and will be invisible for under. Make sure to strongly tighten the thread in order to avoid the whole thing to fall too much towards the ground. 
For such a long cluster, we also advise you to hang and cross several fishing lines, and to create some kind of net, that will be able to support the weight of the whole grouping.  

To get the same wedding decor, you will need the following items:

  • 2 accordion lanterns – 20cm – Vintage rose
  • 2 paper lanterns- 50cm – White
  • 1 Pompoms – 40 cm – White
  • 2 accordion lanterns- 20cm – Rose blush
  • 1 Pompom – 40 cm – Sugar rose
  • 1 paper lantern – 50cm – Rose blush
  • 2 paper lanterns- 35cm – Vintage rose
  • 1 paper lantern – 50cm – Vintage rose
  • 3 accordion lanterns – 20cm – honey lemonade
  • 3 accordion lanterns – 20cm – ice cube
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – Rose blush
  • 4 accordion lanterns – 30cm – honey lemonade
  • 4 accordion lanterns- 30cm – ice cube
  • 1 paper lantern – 20cm – White
sous-le-lampion-anne1 sous-le-lampion-anne5

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White wedding

Thank you to Laura for sharing this amazing outdoor wedding pictures. A sky of white paper lanterns to decorate the banquet and create instantly a super romantic atmosphere. To create a similar decor, you will need around 50 of white medium paper lanterns (35cm size) and around ten white large paper lanterns  (50cm).

The easiest way to hang the lanterns is to use fishing wire or solid twine.

And congratulations to the happy couple!

sous-le-lampion-laura1 sous-le-lampion-laura2

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